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Sorare Global Cup | Complete guide

Posted 14th November 2022

Sorare Global Cup | Complete guide

Would you like to know more about Sorare's world cup competition and how you can smash your opponents?


During the exciting World cup period, football fans can unlock Sorare’s transformative fantasy sports experience. You will find in this article information on how to get started, tips for beating your opponents and the knowledge to enhance your chances of winning some of the prizes on offer in Sorare’s Global Cup tournament.

Introducing the Cards

Common cards are the only type of card that can be used in Sorare Global Cup ’22. A common card is a free digital player card that Managers select when they sign up. Certain competitions allow you to play them, but you can’t sell them or trade them. Collect your free cards now 

There are three types of Common cards in the Global Cup tournament. Despite the differences in design, all can be played in the Global Cup tournament. Depending on the partnership between the club and the national team, the designs vary.

Select Your Squad

The first task in the Manager’s hot seat is to assemble an original squad of 8 players within a budget of 100 points. Two players must be selected for each position (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward) and no more than two players from the same country may be selected.

There is a predetermined points value assigned to each player based on their performances for their club and national teams as well as the likelihood that their national team will progress to the knockout stage.

A Manager’s Sorare Global Cup lineup is composed of five players from his or her eight-player squad on any given Matchday.

Once you’ve confirmed your initial squad, you can still return to this window to make swaps to your initial squad.

A Global Cup lineup consists of 5 total players: one Goalkeeper (GK), one defender (DF), one midfielder (MD), one forward (FW) and one additional outfielder (DF, MD or FW).

Expand Your Roster

There are four dates during the Global Cup when you can add four new players to your initial squad of eight:

Before the Round of 16: Nov 29 — Dec 3

Before the Quarter finals: Dec 3 — Dec 9

Before the Semi finals: Dec 9 — Dec 13

The Matchday competitions give managers a chance to strengthen their squad by winning National Team Common cards. You can find out more about the amazing prizes by reading on.

Matchday Calendar

In order to better follow the international football schedule, Sorare has adapted its Game Week windows into Match Days.

Scoring System

During match day, keep a close eye on your players’ real-life performances as their scores will reflect this

There are 48 different stats tracked by Sorare’s sophisticated scoring system, making it one of the most advanced in the fantasy sports industry. You can dig deep into the scoring matrix and how it works here.


During the Global Cup, managers compete on two public leaderboards:

  • Match day Leaderboard features all Manager scores for that Match day window.
  • Overall Leaderboard runs for the duration of the Global Cup tournament and features a Manager’s accumulated score across every Match day.

Managers are guaranteed prizes in both leaderboards, but if you place higher, your chances of winning even bigger prizes increase!

Win Global Cup Prizes

Each Match day the following prizes are up for grabs.

Overall Leaderboard 🏆

Zinedine Zidane Experience

The Managers that truly mastered their strategies and topped the Overall Leaderboard at the end of the Global Cup will each unlock a football experience of a lifetime. The Top 5 Managers will win an all expenses paid trip to Marseille and play a five-a-side football match with Zidane at the Z5 facility. Each winning Manager will also invite a guest of their choice.

VIP Ticket Experience

The Managers that finish in 6th to 10th position will win 2x VIP tickets each to a football match that best fits their schedule, geographic location and our ticket availability. We will work with each winner to ensure that we deliver a football experience of a lifetime.

Signed Jerseys

This one is for the football romantics. The Managers that finish in 11th to 100th position in the Overall Leaderboard will each win an official signed football jersey. The team jersey will be a surprise, but all prizes will be a welcome addition to any jersey aficionado’s wardrobe.

Matchday and Overall Leaderboard 🏆


Special Edition National Series cards

These special edition digital cards are exclusive to the Global Cup. Sorare will never auction or reissue these cards. The only way to collect these cards is by winning them in the Global Cup or by purchasing cards on the Manager Sales Marketplace. These cards are NFTs and you can list, sell and trade them with other Sorare Managers.

These cards are collectibles only and cannot be used in the Global Cup or any existing Sorare: Football tournaments for the foreseeable future.

National Series collectibles will not be rewarded by order of serial number (1/2022). It will be random! This means that on rewards day anyone who has won a National Series Collectible could win a number 1.

Limited Cards

For the top Managers, we are also rewarding Limited NFT cards. The Top 40,000 Managers in the Overall Leaderboard will win a Limited card each. Limited cards are our 1/1000 scarcity that can be used in the core Sorare game throughout the season to win even more prizes.


The top three scoring Managers in each Matchday leaderboard and the top 10 Managers in the Overall leaderboard will win ETH rewards. Check out the Global Cup prize pools to discover the ETH prizes up for grabs!

National Series Common cards

National Series Common cards help Managers strengthen their Global Cup squads as they progress through the tournament. No matter where you place in the leaderboard, you are guaranteed a new National Series Common card and these cards can only be won in the Global Cup tournament.

Beat Sorare Competition

The Sorare team is also going to take part in the Global Cup fun! See how you measure up against our own team of passionate football fans and earn another chance at amazing prizes. Each Matchday during the Global Cup, all Managers whose lineup beats ours will automatically be entered in a raffle to win prize packages of 1x surprise signed jersey and 1x Sorare swag bag. That’s right, official Sorare merch! Ten Managers will be selected each Matchday, and you can follow along on our team’s journey via Sorare’s official social media channels. Be on the lookout, we’ll select our Sorare Global Cup team in the coming days!

What happens to Common cards after the Global Cup?

At the end of the tournament, all Common cards that you selected and won in Sorare Global Cup will be converted to equivalent club Common cards that you can use to play Sorare throughout the year.

National Series Common cards will be replaced with their club card equivalent if there is a licence for that player. For example, a Lionel Messi Argentina Global Cup Common card will be converted into a Lionel Messi Paris Saint-Germain Common card.

If there isn’t an existing club Common card available for a player, Managers will receive a club Common card of a player with a similar position and scoring value.

You will keep the club Common cards you select and win during the Global Cup tournament.

Play with your friends in Private Leagues 🌍

But what’s the biggest prize of them all? Bragging rights! You can now create your own Private Leagues and compete against your friends in the Global Cup.

To create or join a private league, select the Private League tab in the Global Cup Lobby and follow the instructions.

Private League Raffle

If you create or join a Private League with 6 or more members by November 24th, you will be entered into a raffle to win an official signed jersey from one of our football partners. 100 Managers will each win a signed jersey!

Please note that the Private League you are in must have at least 6 members on November 24th.

So what are you waiting for?

Build your Global Cup squad, create your Private League and enjoy the next 6 weeks of international football with Sorare. Look out for easter eggs along the way.

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