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Sorare Resources | The Complete List

Want to play Sorare but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place, check out our extensive list of helpful Sorare Resources.

Want to play Sorare but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place, check out our extensive list of helpful Sorare Resources.

We’ve broke down the best resources for everything in the fantasy football game Sorare, from injury and transfer news to helpful guides to get you started.

Research, Injury & Team News

101greatgoals – 101 provide some good match previews of lineups which allows you to get your last minute team changes spot on!

Whoscored – Whoscored provide predicted lineups, injury news and also a predicted score for a range of games in European Football. The site has a simple layout which makes finding the information you need quick and easy.

Sorare League news

BulliNews 🇩🇪 – A site dedicated to Bundesliga Football, expect to see injury news and predicted lineups before each game week. The site also has a dedicated area from transfer rumours.

K League News 🇰🇷 – A great resource for keeping up with all the latest transfer and injury news for the South Korean Football League.

La Liga Expert 🇪🇸 – This is great for any Sorare players who have teams from La Liga, with injury news and predicted lineups being updated every week. The site also has a dedicated area from the latest transfers rumours.

Fantasy Football Scout 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 – There’s no better place for the latest Premier League team news. Check out predicted lineups and who’s in and out of each team every gameweek.

Sports Gambler 🇪🇺 – This is great for checking a range of European leagues showing predicted and confirmed lineups and also includes the latest injury news.

Whoscored 🌎 – Whoscored provide predicted lineups, injury news and also a predicted score for a range of games in world football. They include some of the less known leagues such as the K-League and Liga MX Check out this helpful table (credit So Legendary)where you can see the websites which cover which specific leagues in Sorare..  

Helpful Guides

Sorarethegame – Sorare the game includes everything from step by step guides on different elements of the game to transfer strategy and weekly results. They also have a very active Twitter account which regularly posts about all things Sorare.

Blog: What is Sorare / How to Play? – This comprehensive guide was put together by the team at The Sorare Podcast, some of the most experienced players in the Sorare game. It covers a range of aspects of Sorare such as auctions, the transfer market, player scoring and rewards.

Sorare — Starters guide for Football Index & Footstock managers – This guide is great for Fantasy Football Fans who have experience with other football trading games such as Football Index and Footstock.

Podcasts / Videos / Newsletters

Sorare Info – Sorare Info provides a free weekly newsletter which gives players great transfer tips, especially for players on a tight budget. You can sign up for the Sorare Newsletter here.

The Sorare Podcast – The team at Sorare Podcast are some of the most experienced players in the game. They talk about everything from game improvements to transfer news and often bring on Sorare players and members of the team such as CEO Nicolas Julia.

Quinny YouTube Channel – Quinny provides a great set of videos for new and experienced Sorare players alike. Covering everything from ‘How to’ style guides to live streams of upcoming Gameweeks.

Data / Player Research

Soraredata – Sorare Data is an epic resource which makes the great use of the Sorare Api. You can use it to track the value of your players, team and even other managers players. It has a huge range of analytics tools that will enable you to do better research and become a better manager.

Twitter Accounts to follow

  • @Sorare Podcast – Hibee was one of the founding members of the Sorare Podcast, he is a Sorare Ambassador and shares loads of relevant Sorare news, he is advise and podcast is great for new users.
  • @TheFootballEco – The FootballEconomist provides insightful statistical analysis in the world of Sorare. The account often takes a deep dive into weekly rewards for the different Sorare tournaments.
  • @SorareBot – This helpful Twitter bot tweets every-time a player is sold for over $150 at auction. This can be really helpful for getting a feel of the current market.
  • @BelgiumSorare – for the latest Belgium transfers and hot picks in the Jupiler Pro division.
  • SorareJapan – This is great for transfer and injury news into the J-League, the account also picks out some great scouts of young players.
  • @SiegeTheDay23 –Tweets about everything fantasy football, from player transfers and team news to the latest changes in the game. His weekly Sorare Payout ratios also give a real insight into how much money can be made while playing Sorare.
  • @SorareScout (Obviously😉, the latest Sorare resources, transfer tips and top scouts).

It’s also worth mentioning the Sorare  Discord group. This allows players to ask any questions and connect with other Sorare players. The Sorare team are very active on Discord and are always happy to answer questions players have.

Got something to add to our list? Send us an email here or send us a DM on Twitter @SorareScout.

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