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What is Sorare | The Ultimate 2021 Guide to Sorare Fantasy Football | Free Sign Up Bonus

Last updated: 27th Feb 2021

Sorare Sign Up Bonus

Want a free Sorare card when you sign up to play? Use our Sorare sign up link to win a free Rare card when you purchase 5 players from the “new signings” auction area (of any value) on the game.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a Blockchain fantasy football game where you can get rewarded for managing your own team, entering tournaments and trade virtual player cards.

Pick your best team and get paid for when your players perform well on the pitch in real life. With thousands of pounds/dollars worth of prizes up for grabs each week isn’t it time to give the Global Fantasy football game a shot?

What’s ‘So Rare’ about the cards?

All your player cards are known as Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs); this means there is only a set amount of cards that will ever exist.

This is where the idea of rarity comes in. As there will only ever be a set amount of cards created for a player they become more valuable based on their rarity.

In a given season the following amount of cards are created/minted for each player on the game:

  • 100 Rare’s
  • 10 Super Rares
  • 1 Unique

Sorare levels of rarity

Each Season new cards are released for each player, however no cards will ever expire unlike other football based trading games.

Now let’s get started…

How to play Sorare?

There are 3 main parts to getting started with Sorare.

  • Get your free cards
  • Enter a tournament 
  • Start building your team

Getting your free cards

You can claim your free Sorare Cards here

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be taken through the simple Sorare onboarding process:

  1. Pick a club name and logo
  2. Join the rookie league (where your free players can earn prizes)
  3. Select your favourite clubs (your free players will be chosen from these clubs)
  4. Compose your team

During the compose your team step you want to look out for a few things. Make sure you select players that play regularly, you won’t receive points from players that are not in the squad or on the bench all the game! You also want to look at the players average score, this is visible next to a players card on the left hand side.

Picking your Sorare players

How do you enter a Sorare tournament?

Every week Sorare hosts a variety of different tournaments where you can enter your team. These often have different requirements including:

  • Maximum age of players (eg Under 23’s League)
  • Nationality/League the player is from (eg Champion Asia)
  • Rarity of the cards (Rookie League)

You need 5 players to enter a tournament, 1 GK, 1 Defender, 1 Midfielder, 1 Attacker and 1 Sub. 

Out of these 5 players you also get to pick a captain. Your team’s captain will collect and additional 20% on top of the XP % extra each game week, so think carefully about who you think will perform and bring home the points.

Make sure to click submit to save your team. That’s it you’re ready for your next game week! But how do you actually win a division?

What do you get points for?

Your players pick up points based on how well they play in games every week. There are a range of factors that influence how they score including:

  • Minutes played
  • Goals scored
  • Assists
  • Clean sheets 
  • Yellow and Red cards

You can find a full list of what impacts the player rankings here. However, in simple terms the better your players play in real life the more points you get for them.

The amount of points a card receives can change depending on the amount of XP it has. Cards can have more or less XP for a range of reasons including:

  • The age of the card (this seasons cards get more XP)
  • How often you use the cards 
  • The minutes played in games 

You can read a more technical analysis of how XP is generated here.

Game week rewards

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for. Points of course means prizes.

The big game week rewards are a huge part of the Sorare game, with players having the opportunity to win cards and ETH.

The rewards you can win on the Sorare game are different for every tournament you enter. Let’s take the ‘Global All Stars Division 4 league’:

  • The Top 3 – win big ETH prizes and a top quality rare player, these are great prizes, but can be tougher to get unless you have a bigger squad
  • The Top 10% (approx) of Players –  win rare players that can be used in the game and sold on for ETH
  • Thresholds Prizes – these prizes are for players who score over 205 points (0.01ETH) & 250 points (0.02ETH), these prizes are really achievable for new players

Sorare Gameweek rewards

Start building your team

Now you know the basics it’s time to start building your Sorare team out!

Adding ETH to your Sorare wallet

In order to start buying players on Sorare you’ll need to add some ETH to your wallet. ETH which is short for Ethereum is a type of cryptocurrency which powers the game. Players use ETH to buy players and also receive it when they sell players.

There are a couple of different ways to deposit/add ETH to your Sorare Wallet:

  1. Use RAMP – Ramp is great for beginners who may not have heard of cryptocurrency as it allows you to quickly add funds using your credit or debit card in a matter of minutes. The downside of using RAMP is that you will recieve slightly less ETH for your money as they’ll take a small percentage of the fee.
  2. Using a digital wallet like MetaMask – For players who already have experience with crypto or for players who are making bigger deposits (over £500) we recommend using a digital wallet such as MetaMask and buying your ETH off an exchange such as Binance and Coinbase.

But how did you get your money back out of the platform. Check out our article on Cashing out on Sorare to learn just that.

Now you’ve got some ETH into your account your ready to buy your first player!

Buying your first players on Sorare?

There are a few different ways to buy players on Sorare.

New Signings – This is where you can buy players directly from the game, the cards have been minted and then listed by Sorare and have nave not been owned by any other players. These players are listed at auction which means the prices start at around 0.003 ETH.

Transfer Market – This is where you can buy players off other players on the game. There’s some great bargains to be had here, however be aware that any signings from the transfer market will not count towards any sign up bonus. These players are listed for a set buy now price, Sorare doesn’t allow you to auction your cards on the game, only set a fixed price.

Direct offers – The final way you can buy players on the game is by making offers for other managers players. You can do this by clicking on a player and clicking the ‘Make an Offer’ button.

When buying new players make sure they have plenty of games coming up, some plays may be going cheap because their leagues are about to end. Use our Sorare Season Planner to time your player transfers to perfection!

Once you’ve purchased some rare players you can start competing in the big weekly competitions for ETH and player prizes!

Scout Tip: Players can sometimes take a few minutes to appear in your squad. This is because with every transaction

How to earn money with Sorare

Now you know the basics of the game, such as the scoring system, and buying players, it’s time to look at how you can start making some money off Sorare.

Winning game week rewards on Sorare

One of the best ways to earn passive income with Sorare is through game week rewards, this consists of the rewards that are won when you compete in leagues against other players.

We’ve put together some tips for smashing game week rewards:

Check player’s fixtures

An obvious assumption that many players make when starting off with Sorare is that you should always play your players with the highest average score.

However, one crucial factor that many players fail to consider is who their players are going up against in a given game week.  An example of this might be when you have 2 Goalkeepers, ‘GK A’ is averaging a score of 60 each game week whereas ‘GK B’ is averaging around 50.

This might seem like an obvious choice at first, but keep an eye on who they are up against that week, if ‘GK A’ is up against the top scorers in the league then it might be a safer option to pick ‘GK B’ who is averaging slightly less for this game week.

Choosing players carefully for specific leagues

Another common mistake that many new players make is to just buy random players on the game, this can really limit the amount of rewards that are available to you.

This is because the game hosts lots of specialist leagues eg:

  • Global Under 23 (Under 23s players only)
  • Champion Asia (K-League and J-League players only)
  • Champions Europe (La Liga, Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 players only)

When you first start off its best to focus on one or two of these to maximise your chance of earning those game week rewards.

Trading on Sorare

Another great way to make some money on Sorare is through trading players. With the value of players shooting up every week is crucial that you do your research into the ones that will give you the best long term return and fun on the game.  Here’s a couple of tips to get you started!

Scouting for value on Sorare

Some of the best bargains on the game are on players who aren’t currently playing. Although you won’t be able to use these players in the short term, you could be picking up players that will turn out to be a great long term investment.

They key thing to look at here is why is that player not getting games? This could be from a couple of things:

  • The players team are currently in preseason – players that aren’t playing because the season is over could be a great long term investment, this is because some Sorare Managers will happily sell these players for cheap because they can’t be used for a couple of months. When the season starts again their value might shoot up! A great tool for checking when a players season will start and end is our Sorare Season Planner.
  • The player is injured – the key thing to look for here is if the player has a long or short term injury. Players who have received a serious injury may be out for the entire season, meaning they may not be worth the investment. However, some players may just be out for a couple of games, here you can make a quick return on players by purchasing them and then selling them on when they start playing again.
  • A bad run of form – one of the most common reasons that players won’t be playing is simply a bad run of form. When this happens its great to check Sorare Resources such as Sorare Data where you can check a players score over time. Using Sorare Data you can spot players that are just going through a rough patch of form and snap them up cheap!

Sorare Training

Sorare training has remained a bit of a mystery even for experienced Sorare managers. When players don’t play games they stop earning any XP, sometimes this is completely unavoidable because it may be pre-season with no games.

This is where training comes in, training allows players to continue to increase their XP even when they’re not playing. It’s best to always keep your players who don’t have games in training so they can continue to develop XP, this means the players will be more valuable when they do start playing again.

Sorare Training

Sorare Resources

One of the great things about Sorare is the vast range of resources, many of which have been produced by the Sorare Community.

Sorare League news

BulliNews 🇩🇪 – A site dedicated to Bundesliga Football, expect to see injury news and predicted lineups before each game week. The site also has a dedicated area from transfer rumours.

K League News 🇰🇷 – A great resource for keeping up with all the latest transfer and injury news for the South Korean Football League.

La Liga Expert 🇪🇸 – This is great for any Sorare players who have teams from La Liga, with injury news and predicted lineups being updated every week. The site also has a dedicated area from the latest transfers rumours.

Fantasy Football Scout 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 – There’s no better place for the latest Premier League team news. Check out predicted lineups and who’s in and out of each team every gameweek.

Sports Gambler 🇪🇺 – This is great for checking a range of European leagues showing predicted and confirmed lineups and also includes the latest injury news.

Whoscored 🌎 – Whoscored provide predicted lineups, injury news and also a predicted score for a range of games in world football. They include some of the less known leagues such as the K-League and Liga MX

Podcasts / Videos / Newsletters

Sorare Info – Sorare Info provides a free weekly newsletter which gives players great transfer tips, especially for players on a tight budget. You can sign up for the Sorare Newsletter here.

The Sorare Podcast – The team at Sorare Podcast are some of the most experienced players in the game. They talk about everything from game improvements to transfer news and often bring on Sorare players and members of the team such as CEO Nicolas Julia.

Quinny YouTube Channel – Quinny provides a great set of videos for new and experienced Sorare players alike. Covering everything from ‘How to’ style guides to live streams of upcoming Gameweeks.

Data / Player Research

Soraredata – Sorare Data is an epic resource which makes the great use of the Sorare Api. You can use it to track the value of your players, team and even other managers players. It has a huge range of analytics tools that will enable you to do better research and become a better manager.

Why should you play Sorare?

So, now you know how it works, but why should you play? Or why should you make the switch from other Fantasy Football games?

Sorare now has over 100 registered clubs with more added each week.

The level of adopting from Global leagues and teams has been amazing, with teams huge European teams such Liverpool, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain FC, Bayern München, Juventus and Atletico Madrid all on the platform.

Currently there are 126 registered clubs on the platform, with Sorare aiming to double the amount of registered teams in the foreseeable future. 

You get to pick the top players for your team and get rewarded with points depending on how well those players perform. It’s free to play but your chance of winning any kind of prize is slim to none against millions of players with only a handful of prizes up for grabs. 

Are you ready to start playing? Sign up to Sorare with our link you get a free rare card when you buy 5 players on auction!

Sorare FAQS

We’ve put together some of the most common questions we get from Sorare pros and newbies alike. Got a question yourself? Reach out on Twitter @SorareScout, we’re a friendly bunch we promise!

Can you make money off Sorare?

Sorare can be an extremely fun game and at the same time as being a great investment! There is a limited amount of cards that will ever be minted on the platform and a rapidly growing user base, meaning players cards are also exponentially increasing in value.

This rate growth doesn’t seem to slowing down anytime soon, with huge teams being added to Sorare every week!

What’s Ethereum/ETH in Sorare?

ETH is a decentralised digital currency which uses the Ethereum Blockchain. The most popular Cryptocurrency that you might have heard of is called Bitcoin.

Ethereum is absolutely vital to the Sorare platform and is used in fundamentals parts of the game:

  • Playing cards are bought and sold using ETH and transferred on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Game week rewards are paid to players in Ethereum
  • Managers playing cards are stored on the Ethereum Blockchain which helps guarantee the rarity of the cards

ETH can be easily swapped for your local currency, check out our guide to that here.

Can you play the same cards in multiple divisions?

Yes! You can play the same player in up to 8 different divisions/leagues on the game. The only thing you can’t do is play more than 1 in the same team.

How much money do I need to get started with Sorare?

At the time of writing we think you’ll need between £200-450 to be able to build a competitive team that can compete to win ETH rewards.

Test your scouting knowledge and aim to build a team that can win 205 points and start your road to building a great squad, make sure you use our sign up link to give yourself a head start with a free rare card!

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