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The Best Time to Sell Sorare Cards

Posted 3rd September 2021

The Best Time to Sell Sorare Cards

A guide on how to maximise profit when selling your cards on Sorare, the fantasy Football site.

There are many reasons you may want to sell cards on the manager’s market. Maybe you’re selling to fund another card purchase, trying to shift an unwanted Reward card or simply just taking a little profit. The hardest part is knowing the best time to sell to maximize the sale price, so based on our experience we have shared some of our top tips to help you smell when to sell.

1. Sea of green

There’s nothing better than having a player in your squad on top form smashing out big scores week after week leaving their last 5 scores in a sea of green numbers and rival managers green with envy, thus making your card that more saleable. 

Top tips

  • Check what the run of form is down to, is it a run of easy fixtures? Or has the player switched into a better position? Once you’ve done a little research it’s time to judge whether this is a permanent change in form or a flash in the pan.
  • Before selling a card with lower last 5 scores, it may well be worth checking the run of fixtures your player has, if he has a particularly favourable run it may be worth holding out for a few more games before offering him up to the market.

2. The FOMO window

There is usually a period of time before a new season starts and before the drop of the new season’s cards, where previous seasons’ cards have slowed or even stopped on the new cards market and managers prepping for the new season seem to get a case of FOMO. Here in the case of Carlos Vela (LAFC) just before the start of the MLS season 2021 highlighted by the red Arrow we see his price rise to £1463 and within 24 days drop to £983 with the auction of the the first Vela card of the season. Sticking with Vela we see another FOMO window opening Highlighted by our green arrow. In February 2021 came an announcement that Sorare had raised $50M of investment that saw card prices rise exponentially before stabilising around April 2021.

Top tips

  • Selling in the period of time before a season ends and the new years cards are released can be a good time to profit from FOMO
  • Reacting to announcements good or bad can be the difference between making a big profit or taking a hit so keep your your ear to the ground and be ready to sell

3. Gameweek deadline

Another time to optimise sales is to place them on the market just before the game week starts. Managers putting together their S05 lineups may realise they need an extra man due to an injury or just to strengthen a team. This could be the ideal opportunity to squeeze a little extra moolah!! For bonus points, look out the smaller game weeks in which only a small amount of clubs are involved. This will increase the chances of players needing to add to the squad to complete a line up.  

4. Weekly specials

The Weekly special tournaments come with their own specific rules thus reducing the amount of managers that can compete, leaving managers needing to put together a team that complies with those rules. The prizes in the special weeklies are usually very generous and can create a lot of excitement. If you own players that comply with the specific weekly special rules it may be time to cash in.

5. During a football match

The great thing about Sorare is being able to watch your team in action and at the same time scout for new players to add to your ever growing gallery. Often we will see a screamer of a goal go in and pop onto Sorare to check the score of said player and at the same time check out the price of the card (come on we all do it.) This could be the time to list a card you’ve been sitting on for a while, as it is bound to have caught another managers’ attention. Also worth noting that not everybody is going to be watching and it’s not all about selling when your player is at his peak so if you see one of your players stretched off in the 60th min you now have the inside knowledge. Is he going to be out for weeks? Months? Is it time to sell before word gets out?? All is fair in love and Sorare… See our article – What to look out for when scouting a Sorare match on TV

6. The rise and fall in ETH

The rise and fall in ETH value is something that can quite easily be overlooked. It’s easy to forget that all cards are bought and sold using the cryptocurrency even if in our heads we value them in our native (Fiat) currency. This being said if you were to successfully auction a card today for 1 ETH today and ETH doubles tomorrow, when the eth from the sale hits your wallet it’s going to get the amount in Fiat that you had originally sold it for. This is a bit of a tricky one to wrap your head around, nevertheless if you’re planning to sell cards to hold on to ETH your best bet is to sell when ETH is low. Also if you do list your cards, watch out for a big flash crash in crypto as suddenly you cards value will drop, 20% in hours, it happens! If this does occur quickly de-list your cards  


In summary 

  • Check your players run of games
  • Watch as much as you can.
  • Sell during games.
  • Wait for announcements good and bad.
  • Sell close to deadlines.
  • Keep an eye on the weekly specials.
  • Sell in time with ETH.
  • Cash in on FOMO.

By following these tips we are sure you’ll have an advantage should you decide it’s time to sell your Sorare cards, yet when all is said and done the decision always lands on the managers toes so if your unsure our best advice is not to sell at all and HODL

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