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SorareScout expansion | Sorare NBA | Sorare MLB

Posted 2nd November 2022

SorareScout expansion | Sorare NBA | Sorare MLB

What does SorareScout's move into multi-sports mean for our readers? How does it impact your experience with the site?

The announcement that Sorare had partnered with MLB to create the free-to-play, NFT fantasy baseball game Sorare MLB naturally captured our interest. In order to help new players learn the game and get them off to a good start, we set about helping them understand the basics of the game.

Sorare MLB

Due to our expertise in Sorare Football, we quickly hired some MLB writers to assist with specific content, while we filled in the Sorare fantasy aspects. Our Sorare MLB site sits  alongside our Football site Below are a few links to show you how we have helped MLB fans get started on Sorare MLB

(1) The beginner’s guide to Sorare MLB

(2) Sorare MLB top 15 frequently asked questions

(3) Best Sorare MLB Players 

(4) How to get free Sorare MLB cards

(5) Sorare MLB top 5 tips for beginners

Sorare NBA

On 21 Oct 2022 Sorare opened their free-to-play, NFT fantasy basketball game Sorare NBA; it coincided with the start of the 2022/23 NBA season. Our team had heard about this announcement a few weeks prior, so we began finding NBA-specific writers and filled in the Sorare details once again. As of now, our Sorare NBA site is proudly displayed alongside SorareScout Football and SorareScout NBA. Here are some links to show you how we have helped NBA fans get started with Sorare NBA.

(1) The beginners guide to Sorare NBA

(2) The best players on Sorare NBA

(3) Sorare NBA resources for beginners

(4) 10 Sorare NBA players set to have breakout seasons

(5) How to get free Sorare NBA cards

Please consider signing up for Sorare via our site. In this way, you will not only support SorareScout to write articles, but you will also benefit from the free Sorare cards and SorareScout VIP access.

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