What is Sorare NBA | The Complete 2022 Guide to Sorare NBA Fantasy Basketball | Free Sign Up Bonus

Posted 30th November 2022

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What is Sorare NBA

Sorare NBA is a collection of digital trading cards and an NFT-based free-to-play basketball game.

  • Collect officially licensed digital NFT cards, featuring your favorite NBA players
  • Build lineups from the cards in your collection and enter them into a variety of competitions
  • Score points based on the real-life performance of the players in your lineup
  • Your digital trading cards earn XP when you enter a competition with them, making them more powerful
  • Compete for rewards with other fans around the world

Getting started with Sorare NBA

When you first sign up, you’ll get to choose your first Common card from a selection of some of the top players in basketball.

After you’ve selected your star, you’ll get a random selection of 19 more Common cards for free to start your collection.

Take advantage of our Sorare NBA signup bonus and get a free limited edition card when you buy 5 at auction.

Types of  Sorare NBA Cards

There are five types of cards in Sorare: NBA, each with different scarcity values that unlock the ability to participate in different tournaments

Card Type Number per Season Color
Common unlimited Gray
Limited 5,000 Yellow
Rare 1,000 Red
Super Rare 100 Blue
Unique 1 Black/Purple

When you sign up to play Sorare: NBA, you’ll be given some Common cards to start your collection.

Common cards cannot be bought, sold, or traded.

Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique cards can be purchased on the Marketplace, or won as rewards for high placement in our tournaments.


Elements of a Sorare NBA Card

While Sorare: NBA cards differ across scarcities, every card has a few core elements that makes each card recognizable as distinctly Sorare: NBA:

  • Player photo
  • Headshot photos and action photos do not have any difference of utility
  • Team logo
  • Player name
  • Player position
  • Card season
  • Serial Number

The serial number makes each card at the Limited, Rare and Super Rare level distinct, but there are two particularly special serial numbers for those scarcities:

  • Serial #1
  • ‘Jersey Match’ – the serial number that matches the number the player wears on their jersey


Points Cap

Each Competition will have a specified Points Cap, this will be the maximum number of total points a lineup can have.

10 Game Average

Each player card will have a 10 Game Average score, this score is the average number of fantasy points a player has scored in their last 10 games played. The 10 Game Average

10 Game Average Criteria
  • Only games a player has played in will contribute to this score
  • If a player receives a Did Not Play (DNP) for any reason in a given game, it will not count toward the 10 Game Average
  • If the player has played less than 10 games played in the current season, 10 Game Average will also reference the relevant number of games played from the previous season
  • Negative scores for 10 Game Average are possible
Rookies and Players without a game in the previous NBA Season
  • If a player has not played in the previous NBA season or has never appeared in an NBA game, their 10 Game average will begin as 0
  • If a player has not had a game in the current season or previous season, they will also begin at 0


All competitions on Sorare: NBA require a 5 player lineup. You can play any player at any position in each of your five spots; your roster cannot exceed the points cap requirements for each competition.

Most Valuable Player

Sorare: NBA Champion competitions will feature a Most Valuable Player (MVP). The MVP does not count against the Points Cap. The MVP designation is automatically assigned to the player with the highest 10 Game Average in the Roster.

Scoring System

Sorare: NBA uses an action-based scoring system, where events that happen on the basketball court immediately translate into points for your team.

The highest Game Score for each player in a submitted lineup across all games in a given game week counts toward your team total. If a player has multiple games, only the highest score is counted and other lower games scores do not count toward the team total.

Stat Category Points
Point 1
Rebound 1.2
Assist 1.5
Block 2
Steal 3
Turnover -2
Made 3PT FG 1
Double Double 1
Triple Double 1

Game Weeks

Sorare: NBA uses a bi-weekly tournament schedule, with each ‘Game Week’ spanning a 3-4 day cycle.

  • Monday-Thursday
  • Friday-Sunday

Each Game Week is numbered sequentially, starting from the launch of Sorare: NBA in October 2022.

Game Weeks will start 10 minutes before the first game in that window. That means if there is a game on a Monday starting at 7:10pm ET, lineups will lock at 7:00pm ET and can no longer be changed after that time.

Game Weeks will end after the last game is concluded. At that time, all scoring will be finalized and distribution of rewards will begin.


Sorare: NBA will offer seven core tournaments in Season One.

When the game opens on October 18, you’ll be able to enter our Common Contender and Common Champion tournaments.

Soon after launch, we will start opening more tournaments across our other card scarcities:

  • Limited Contender
  • Limited Champion
  • Rare Contender
  • Rare Champion
  • Super Rare Champion
  • Unique Champion

In ‘Contender’ tournaments, you’ll be able to win more cards of that scarcity to continue building your collection and strengthening your team.

In ‘Champion’ tournaments, there are fewer card rewards to win – but you can win cards of higher scarcities and progress to competing in even more tournaments.

Tournament Eligibility

  • Common Contender and Common Champion require a full lineup of Common cards.
  • Limited tournaments, you’ll need to have five Limited cards to field your team.
  • Rare tournaments, you’ll need to use at least three Rare cards, but you can use up to two Limited cards to round out your team.
  • Super Rare tournaments, you’ll need to use at least two Super Rare cards, but you can use up to three Rare cards.
  • Unique tournaments, you’ll need to use at least two Unique cards, but you can use up to three Super Rare cards.

Composing Your Team

Once you find a tournament to join, you’ll start composing your team.

You’ll see all the player cards  you have available to fill that slot. Player cards will be ordered by scarcity (for example, in a Rare tournament, you’ll see your Rare cards listed first), then by their 10 Game Average points.

At a glance, you’ll see their season average, the bonus associated with their card, and how many games they’ll have in the Game Week. If one of your players is expected to be out in the Game Week, you’ll see that indicated as well.

Sorare: NBA Champion competitions will feature a Most Valuable Player (MVP). The MVP does not count against the Points Cap. The MVP designation is automatically assigned to the player with the highest 10 Game Average in the Roster.

Following Your Sorare NBA Team

Once the games begin, you can track how your team is performing in real time.

On the Live tab of our Lobby, you’ll be able to see a snapshot of the NBA games your players are participating in, follow how each of your players is scoring their points, and track how you are performing on the leaderboard for all the tournaments you entered.

Claiming Sorare NBA Rewards

At the end of the Game Week, if your team performed well enough in your tournaments you’ll win rewards in the form of new Sorare: NBA cards to add to your collection and strengthen your team for the next tournaments.


Training is offered every Game Week to allow you to earn XP on player cards that are not used in other tournaments.

Sorare NBA Card Level and Bonus

Every Sorare: NBA card has a level associated with it, based on the number of experience points (XP) it has earned. Each level carries a bonus increase of 0.5% on the card’s score in a tournament.

  • Limited cards start at level 0 (+0% bonus)
  • Rare cards start at level 20 (+10% bonus)
  • Super Rare cards start at level 40 (+20% bonus)
  • Unique cards start at level 80 (+40% bonus)

Cards also get a +5% bonus in the current season – so all cards in Sorare: NBA 2022/23 will receive that bonus. Once the 2023/24 season starts, that 5% bonus will disappear, but all the XP your card has accrued through use over the course of 2022 will remain.

Sorare NBA – XP Formula

Every card that you use in a tournament will earn XP for that Game Week, based on the following formula:

XP = (base xp + player score xp)
  • base xp = 75
  • player score xp = the total score of the team that player card was used in, multiplied by 0.125

Buying Cards

There are two places that you can buy cards on the Sorare: NBA Market: New Card Auctions and Manager Sales.

New Card Auctions allow you to buy newly minted cards directly from Sorare, meaning you will be the first ever owner of that specific card. Each auction has an expiration date and time when the card will be sold; if you are the highest bidder when the auction expires, you’ll win that card and it will be added to your collection. This is the only way to purchase newly minted cards.

check out our article on how to claim your free Sorare NBA cards

New Card Auctions

To purchase freshly minted cards directly from Sorare via the New Card Auction, head over to the Sorare NBA Market tab.

  • Use the filters on the left to find the card you want
  • When you are ready, click on the Bid button
  • A pop-up asking for credit card or ETH payment will appear
  • Choose your payment method, define your bid amount, and click on Bid to place your bid
  • You may have to validate card payments via 3DS (authentication system to detect fraud); open your bank’s mobile app or check your phone (SMS) to validate the bid

Manager Sales

To purchase existing Sorare: NBA cards directly from another manager, head to the Manager Sales section of the Market.

  • Use the filters on the left to find the card you want
  • When you are read, click on the Buy button
  • Choose your payment method, define your bid amount, and click on Buy to buy the player card; please note that there are fees (10%) for direct purchase with credit card on the Transfer Market
  • You may have to validate card payments via 3DS (authentication system to detect fraud); open your bank’s mobile app or check your phone (SMS) to validate the transaction.

Filtering the Market

To help you find the card you’re looking for to build your collection, there are a few different ways you can filter the marketplace, whether in New Card Auctions or Manager Sales.

The following filter options are available in the Market:

  • Scarcity
  • 10 Game Average Score
  • Position
  • Price
  • Card Level
  • Serial Number
  • Team
  • Player

Sorare NBA Rewards

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: Points for prizes, of course.

A big part of the Sorare game is its Game week rewards, which include Sorare NBA cards. You can sell, trade, or use these prizes to strengthen your Sorare NBA teams.

You can win different rewards on the Sorare game based on the tournament you enter. Let’s start by showing you a typical  Limited Contender Game week.

So this was Game week (4). Example: The Limited Contender tournament

Based on 5,296 participants, here are the top 10 managers and their scores for a game week

Below is the prize pool for the Game week, as well as how the cards were distributed:Here are the top 3 Sorare NBA cards that were reserved for podium positions

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Start building your team

Now you know the basics it’s time to start building your Sorare NBA team out!

Buying Sorare NBA cards

As mentioned, Sorare NBA offers a free to play version where you can earn more cards to enhance your Sorare NBA team. Your Sorare journey may lead you to want to own your game, for as good as common cards are they can’t be sold or traded like their editioned counterparts.

Buying on a debit/credit card  

A credit or debit card is the easiest way to purchase Sorare NBA cards, it’s just like buying anything else online with a card it’s safe and simple. Using this method has only one drawback: while purchasing cards directly from Sorare costs nothing, any transactions from other managers incur a 10% fee.

Adding ETH to your Sorare wallet

Using a credit/debit card to buy cards is convenient and easy for the newcomer, but many managers opt to put ETH into a crypto wallet to save 10%  when buying cards from other managers. Ethereum, or ETH, is the cryptocurrency that powers the game’s blockchain technology, ensuring the scarcity of the cards and allowing the user to truly own them.

There are a few different ways to deposit/add ETH to your Sorare Wallet:

Use RAMP – Ramp is great for beginners who may be nervous about venturing into crypto for the first time. It allows you to quickly add funds using your credit or debit card in a matter of minutes. They’ll take a small percentage of the fee but it’s a quick and easy way to top up your wallet with small or large amounts.

Using a digital wallet like MetaMask – For players who already have experience with crypto, or for players who are making bigger deposits (over £500) we recommend using a digital wallet such as MetaMask and buying your ETH off an exchange such as Binance and Coinbase.

Purchase straight from a credit or debit card – For a quick purchase, you can buy a player directly from the auction or secondary market using your card. There will be a small fee from most banks (try Starling or Monzo to avoid this), and the other downside is that the ETH won’t be available in your wallet and so you won’t be able to make offers.

Now that you have everything you need to get started on your Sorare NBA journey, you can explore the rest of the Sorare NBA site and learn how to master the world of fantasy basketball, with our guides, scout reports and tips and tricks.


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