Sorare NBA top 5 tips for beginners

Posted 14th October 2022

Sorare NBA top 5 tips for beginners

Have you ever heard the saying fools rush in? If you are about to begin your Sorare journey, STOP! Take a look at our top ten tips for Sorare beginners.


Sorare is a global sports game and entertainment platform empowering fans to live their passion for sports at a deeper level by collecting officially licensed digital player cards. Sorare has partnered with the National Basketball Association, and the National Basketball Players Association to bring you Sorare NBA.


(1) Use an affiliate link

You should consider using an affiliate link even if you’re planning to play Sorare NBA for free. When people begin collecting the free Sorare NBA cards, they often expand their collection into limited editions. To regain access to the Sorare signup bonus, you would have to delete your account and start collecting again, and that’s time you could spend scouting instead.

(2) don’t rush in when buying cards 

Using an affiliate link locks in your sign up bonus, so don’t rush into buying cards. You’ll get a free card when you buy five cards at auction, whether you buy them now or in a month. The free common cards that you receive when you sign up can help you learn a lot about the fantasy game. Not only can you win limited edition cards, but you don’t need to put your hand in your pocket until you’re ready.. 

(3) Make smart lineup choices

You wouldn’t believe how many people simply line up the player with the highest average score over the last five games. Winning more cards can be maximised by making smart choices. When building your lineups, you should consider all factors, including your players’ opponents and injuries, leading nicely to tip number four.

(4) Follow the news and do your research

In the absence of research, you may line up injured players or worse, purchase injured players. Keep one step ahead of the game so you are ready to sell unwanted players or snap up breakthrough players at competitive prices. In order to get the most from Sorare, you need to put some effort into it. Check out our article for Sorare NBA resources for beginners

(5) Train your players 

Among the most overlooked things new players forget is training. When you buy your cards, they come with XP (Experience Points). When you put players in your lineups, their XP will rise giving early card holders an advantage. Although this is fine and dandy, failing to train your not-used cards gradually diminishes the advantage they gave you in the first place.

There you have it, our top 5 tips for Sorare NBA beginners. Hopefully that helped in some way, and don’t forget to join our Discord community for more top tips.

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