Sorare NBA Strategy | How to win on Sorare NBA

Posted 14th November 2022

Sorare NBA Strategy | How to win on Sorare NBA

Our Sorare NBA strategies serve as guides for overcoming the early obstacles holding you back in your Sorare fantasy NBA game.

Sorare NBA points cap strategy

After a few games, it is clear that lining up all the superstars isn’t going to be enough. Sorare seems to have learned something from their Football fantasy game, where the wealthiest managers win by entering the best players week in week out. 

Our goal in this article is to explain how managers are able to gain a competitive advantage by playing more strategically and beating the Sorare points cap.

What is the points cap?

The introduction of a points cap limits the amount of top-scoring NBA players you can enter into a lineup. In every competition, there is a specified Points Cap. When all 5 players are in a lineup you will see their individual average score over the last ten games, their combined scores cannot exceed the points cap. See example below

We can see in this example that the points cap in the top left-hand corner has been exceeded by 105 points (The points cap was 110, the average of the last 10 for the 5 players chose equaled 215).

Beating the Sorare NBA points cap 

Having established that you won’t be able to fill your empty lineup slots with 5 superstars, how can we maximise the slots you have?

Simply put, you’re looking for players who have a low average score over their last 10 games who are expected to play a bigger role in the next game week. There could be a variety of reasons for this, such as breakout performances, injuries, or transfers. 

Breakout performances

There’s no real shortcut with this one: observing your favourite players and getting exposure to them is what’s going to help. If you’re new to the NBA, we recommend you focus on a few teams instead of trying to cover all the teams at once. As a result, you will be able to get a feel for the players on your teams and get an idea of who their opponents are. 

My personal favourite is the NBA league pass. This allows you to watch every game live or on-demand, plus 24/7 NBA TV coverage. It also has classic archive games and guest broadcasters for selected games, it does come at a cost but we believe it represents value for money especially if you’re only just getting to grips with the teams. You can trial this service for free

You can also watch games with the NBA app. It’s really cool and has live game updates and highlight reels. It’s free to use, but you’re left behind other managers watching live and picking up players who are breakout performances.

Injuries and transfers

Injuries are one of the things we have noticed can propel you ahead of your competitors. Not only can you avoid  putting them in your line ups. Watching your teams regularly as suggested above you will be able to get a good idea who will be the replacement should one of your players get injured.

Why is this advantageous? The replacement player will likely have a lower average score than the injured player, making him a no-brainer for your next lineup. He’ll take up less points and therefore free up more room for someone who averages better.

If you can get a couple of these players in your line ups you could be onto a really good game week. While that is true, there are also other managers that are ready to make use of this, so speed is key. In addition to watching as much as possible, I also rely on Rotowire’s injury and transfer updates; it’s free and regularly updated.

For extra info you can subscribe to Rotowire, this gives you an expanded view (above) about the injuries and sometimes suggest who will take the injured players spot. This is a real game changer when it comes to this strategy and again in our opinion worth every penny.

Check out our ultimate Sorare NBA Resources article for more help and guidance

Sorare Data

Sorare data seems a mandatory part of every article, podcast, and video regarding Sorare, and that is for good reason. Since day one of my Sorare journey, I have used Sorare data, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you take nothing else from this article take it that Sorare data is an amazing tool across all sports on Sorare. Although this service isn’t free, you do get a month’s trial period. We aren’t paid to say this, but it’s worth the extra for what you get.

Used in this strategy we can see some really handy points that will help you beat the Sorare NBA points cap.

This lineup includes Deandre Ayton, who has the greatest difference between his last 10 average and his projected score for the next game week. (Green box).  These projected scores are based on data provided by Rotowire. (Red box)

Also worth mentioning we see how many games a player has In a game week (yellow Box). Only your player’s best score will be added to your total. Therefore having more games can give your player more chances to score higher. Definitely worth taking that into account as you build your lineups.

This concludes our Sorare NBA strategy theory “Beating the Sorare points cap”. We recommend watching games and studying teams and injuries. With the tools mentioned above using the method suggested, we think you have the best chance of a Sorare victory. Take it easy and good luck with your game week.


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