NBA Top shot VS Sorare NBA

Posted 10th October 2022

NBA Top shot VS Sorare NBA

If you're reading this there is a good chance you are familiar with NBA Top Shots and its lure, and maybe wondering why/how Sorare NBA is so different?

What is NBA Top Shot? 

Developed by Dapper Labs in partnership with the NBA and NBA Players Association, NBA Top Shots is a blockchain-based virtual trading card platform. Users can easily buy, sell, and trade NFTs, which are referred to as Moments. Moments are short clips of highlights from a past NBA game recorded during a certain period.

By using blockchain technology, these can be turned into assets that cannot be duplicated. Every moment is limited in quantity, bringing scarcity and a supply and demand element to collecting. Like traditional sports card collectors, Top Shot users believe that their collections will increase in value with time. 

Topshots success

Unlike other NFT platforms of its time, Dapper Labs designed Top Shots to be easy for users to use without requiring them to know anything about cryptocurrency or web 3. The top shot packs can be purchased with all major payment methods without needing to have a digital Crypto wallet,

It was this approach that allowed the platform to grow so rapidly in such a short period. In October 2020, NBA Top Shot’s beta opened to the public and by February 2021 they had managed to generate over $45 million in a single day, with over $224 million in sales volume. Top Shot had grown from an obscure project known only to early adopters into an international brand and introduced its users to web 3’s benefits and drawbacks.

What happened to Top Shots?

Top Shot released more supply into the market to meet the spike in demand and ease queue waiting time complaints, It didn’t take long for floor prices to spiral downward. As a result, only a few unique buyers remained in a market that once was vibrant and full of motivated collectors, as those looking for quick cash sold up as quickly as they bought in.

Since then, Top Shot has worked hard to build out its community and create a product with lasting value. The company places a high priority on improving the user experience and safety of its NFT products. To attract new customers while protecting the value of early buyers, the company is experimenting with product types and rewards for keeping highlights rather than flipping them. 

What is Sorare NBA?

Sorare began in 2018 as a fantasy soccer (football) game. As part of its expansion this year, the company has started adding new sports to its roster. Sorare partnered with Major League Baseball earlier this year and will now begin a multi-year partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). This will be known as Sorare NBA.

Why should I play Sorare NBA?

Let us run you through some key things that make Sorare different to NBA Top Shots. The reason why Sorare has built a robust devoted customer base in such a small space of time. Then you can make an informed decision as to whether Sorare is a game worth your time playing.


There is more to buying a card on Sorare than just purchasing an image. The cards you purchase have utility and can be entered into tournaments to earn even more cards that can be traded, sold, or used to bolster your future teams.

Element of luck: 

As opposed to Top Shots, the cards you buy are chosen by you. There are no sealed packs, and no element of luck is involved. When you find a player you like or who is performing well, you can go to the market and wait for an auction to purchase him or even buy him from another manager on the platform.


The vision of Sorare is to onboard all of the major Soccer leagues around the world, making it a truly global fantasy football platform. The team at Sorare has not just focused on soccer, as they have already signed exclusive deals with Major League Baseball  MLB  and now Sorare NBA show no signs of slowing down. 


Sorare has captured the interests of football players such as Rio Ferdinand, Antoine Griezmann, Gerard Pique and most recently Kylian Mbappe. Baseball players such as Aaron Judge endorse the Sorare MLB product. NBA’s Blake Griffin and Rudy Gobert are also investors in Sorare.


The cards you own can either be played in weekly tournaments Sorare is unique in that if your players are not successful on a certain week, you still have them available to play the following week. Cards you buy are yours to keep. You can play them, collect them, sell them, or trade them. Your cards can be used year after year and will only retire when your player does 

The Sorare Football game week starts on a Friday. It covers the weekend games, and closes on a Tuesday. At which time the next week opens. this allows you to compete in the mid-week games.

That’s 2 “game-weeks” in one week. There has yet to be an announcement regarding the Basketball game weeks. You can be sure Sorare will make the most of your cards and keep you engaged.

Market stability:

Throughout a season, cards are slowly released onto the platform in varying scarcities with the starting bid for limited edition cards being £0.39 (price correct at the time of writing). Sorare limits the amount of cards that can hit the market in a season. This brings clarity and helps to stabilise the market. Once the supply has gone it has gone this can add value to particular cards as supply outweighs demand. Despite some tough times, Sorare has kept their ecosystem relatively stable, adding credibility and trust to its users.

Past success: 

Sorare started in 2018 with the Belgium Soccer league since then they have received the fifth largest ever funding in the crypto industry, hauling in $680 million in cash valuing Sorare at  $4.3 billion. Investors such as Soft bank, Benchmark, Accel and Fabric ventures foresee the potential for Sorare to expand across the globe. 


Sorare uses blockchain technology to create a unique digital contract that validates your cards (NFTs). Whilst you can not physically touch your cards they are truly yours to keep. They are not tied to the Sorare platform, they can be used to play other 3rd party games. You can remove your cards, store them in a digital wallet or even sell them on eBay, like any other collectable.

Free to play: 

Still not sure? No problem when you sign up to Sorare you get a pack of Sorare NBA cards free. You can enter the cards into a common league where you can compete for more cards. This gives new users a feel for the game and allows them to grow their collection risk-free.

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